Get On Top

Get On Top

is a simple yet engaging game of virtual wrestle between 2 differently-colored characters. With simple and easy-to-understand designs, you may play with friends or relatives to display your power and agility.
In this game, your mission is controlling your character to move around and defeat the opponent by choosing the right time to pull, push or jump so as to force your opponent’s head to the ground.
You will gain one point for every time your opponent’s head touches the ground, whoever reaches 11 points first is the winner.

Game tips:

You will gain advantage over the opponent when you jump and push forward.
You must remember your current position so as to avoid mix-up in controlling characters.
The longer you press the button, the more force you exert.
You should combine the force with smart movements to win.

Gameplay of Get On Top:

There are 2 modes: 1 player and 2 players
1 player mode: your character will compete against an AI-controlled opponent. If you choose the character on the right side of the screen, use arrow buttons to control the character: left and right arrow buttons to push and pull, up arrow button to jump up. If you choose the character on the left side of the screen, use W, A, S, D buttons to perform maneuvers.
2 players mode: 2 players will compete against each other. If one player uses arrow buttons, the other will use W, A, S, D buttons to control the character. The Computer AI will not interfere in your match.
Press R to play again.
The tournaments in the game Get On Top is unlimited, so you can comfortably play with friends and relatives.
Let us play right away! May you be a worthy champion!
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